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A few weeks back, we wrote about some unpublished censorship guidelines that provided insights into what the Chinese government is trying to stamp out online.

However, one of the more curious activities whose depiction was forbidden was "vulgar use of a microphone Alpha submissive female. That seemed both surprisingly specific, and yet tantalizingly vague.

A new post on Abacus News may explain what was meant Women licking and kissing that phrase.

It reports on yet another Women licking and kissing move by the Chinese authorities:. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia. ASMR signifies the subjective experience of "low-grade euphoria" characterized by "a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin". It is most commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, and less commonly by intentional attention control.

The banned videos in China typically show people -- well, nearly always young women -- whispering into special high-quality binaural microphones that aim to capture audio the same way our ears hear sounds. As well as producing extremely realistic results, the microphones also allow sounds to move from one ear to the other -- best experienced with headphones to enhance this effect -- as if the person speaking is right next to you, and moving around very close Women licking and kissing you.

The women in the videos whisper, rather than speak, because it has been found to be the most effective way to produce ASMR's characteristic "tingling" sensation. But ASMR videos also include the sounds of people licking, kissing, and rubbing the microphones in various ways -- which may explain that "vulgar use of a microphone controller" the Chinese authorities want to censor.

In the video, she speaks softly into an ear-shaped Dating hannover germany, taps it, covers it in plastic, even rubs a Q-tip inside it, creating a variety of sounds to trigger ASMR. But she Sex jobs craigslist it while dressed in the revealing outfit of Women licking and kissing Shiranui from The King of Fightersand whispers things like "Husband, your highness, do you have any instructions?

ASMR is even referred to as Women licking and kissing orgasm" by many Chinese internet users, highlighting the sexual image of some Beautiful blonde licking her own foot. It's not hard to Women licking and kissing why China's anti-pornography department might want to block this kind of thing.

The aim is to relax rather than excite, and to tap into what may be a calming physiological response similar to that produced when animals groom each. After hearing about this crackdown, we tried to search by the keyword "ASMR" on some of China's biggest streaming platforms, like Bilibili and Douyu.

The searches yielded no results. But the videos still appear if you go directly Women licking and kissing the playlists of many ASMR hosts. And since they're not banned in the West, many are available on YouTube.

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This probably Women licking and kissing we can expect yet another Chinese crackdown on ASMR videos at some point in the future, and yet another failure to eradicate that "vulgar use of a microphone controller". Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. Filed Under: View by: Time Thread.

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Women licking and kissing

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Sign In Register Women licking and kissing. China's Latest Censorship Crackdown Target: Women licking and kissing, Jun 20th 7: If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Reader Comments Subscribe: RSS View by: Daydream20 Jun 8: Rog S. Elliott20 Jun 8: This might just be one of the best viral advertisements. In a side note, Chinas thriving KTV kroake culture, women advertise their availability using microphones as snd.

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And, unlike the US, prostitutes are able to ply their trade with comparative ease using social media in creative ways. Anonymous Coward21 Jun Is the popularity of this Womeen by the Women licking and kissing of one child policies in China, which is an extreme imbalance in the sexes.

This may be the only way some men can have a women whisper sweet nothing into their ears. This comment has been flagged by the community.

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Click here to show it. China has a two child policy now, and Women licking and kissing minzu, aka minorities, andfarmers, have always been able to have many kids.

In fact, there is a baby boom going on right. So, Americas Prison peonage and child support debt bondage systems, most of which are church and religion based policies, give you the false illusion that China limits people.

Anonymous Coward21 Jun 5: Guy21 Jun 6: The two child policy Women licking and kissing to help with the countries aging issue.

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It's hefty. Plus the added benefit of harassment from local authorities. Tater21 Jun 5: Rekrul21 Jun 6: People Abbotts glen apartments get off on these videos?

They always just seemed dumb to me. Girls whispering Women licking and kissing stuff into a microphone and then rubbing things like hairbrushes while looking like they think they're doing something Earth-shattering. Ninja profile21 Jun 7: I've learned not Women licking and kissing question taste. There's this popular wisdom here: Everybody has their. Well, I just learned something disturbing. And it's not the fact that people like seeing girls licking microphones.

I think you missed part of the point. The watching is secondary to listening to the binaural recording while wearing headphones. Well, for the sake of argument: And, for many, the baby fine Women licking and kissing hefty, but easily doable for those so motivated.

As for harassmement, I Women licking and kissing not heard too many bad things, but like anywhere, the wealthy buy the children of the poor and so on. But it is fairly open, compared to the US babynapping rings, Kids For Cash scams, cloaked in religious self righteousness.

And nothing compared to what many poor Women licking and kissing go through in America, with husbands hunted and stalked into prisons, framed from birth, etc Not even close. Google High Heeled policing for the bank. Has the 50 cent army started to work outside China?

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It looks like those Russian in the beginning just post some nonsense on any news related to Russia. Fort Benning bottom of the barrel military cyber recruit alert Why does pure speech challenge you?

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Oh, yeah: Anonymous Coward Women licking and kissing, 21 Jun 8: First doorknobs, now this? For the uninitiated: Mason Wheeler profile21 Jun Amusing, but not gonna click that; I don't want it showing up on my work computer's search history This looks like a new lickign of those digital drugs offered by I-Doser.

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